Hi, there, welcome to "MY" website!

My name is Muyang, meaning basking in the sunshine in Chinese. Growing up looking for the sanctuary of my passion and potential, I’ve finally pinned down my interest in media and user research. Professionally, I am an emergent media researcher focusing on user psychology and human-computer interaction; in downtime, I’m a language learner, book reader and music listener packed into one.

I being dedicated to exploring the relationship between human and emerging media technology, my research interests primarily lie in user research, media psychology, virtual reality, game theory and user motivation.

Starting from my first coursework in media psychology, I’ve done qualitative/quantitative research in the personalization/customization of dating websites, ads’ incongruency and memorability, dance studio website user research and US Attorneys’ Office’s “Safe Childhood Project”.

Recently I’m working on my master’s thesis which compares the industry landscape of virtual reality with relevant VR research in academia.