Research Projects

User Research Report
            --Dance Caliente Studio

Dance Caliente is a Boston-based dance studio. To reconstruct its website according to user-centered design process, we conducted ethnographic user research including individual interviews, focus group, observations, personas, card sorting and usability test to solve pain points and optimize the website's overall user experience.

AR LOVER--A design proposal

AR lover is a perceptual design based on augmented reality to tackle the issue of long-distance relationship. By wearing AR glasses, users can "see" an AR character built on the prototype of his/her actual partner. There are two modes, namely "synchronous" and "asynchronous", to apply to different using scenarios.

Political Participation and Video Game Preference

This is a research project to disentangle the relationship between political participation and video game preference. By analyzing the dataset in SPSS, we found that there indeed is a significant relationship between video game preferences and political participation.

Personalization and Customization on Dating Websites

This is a research proposal examining the effects of personalization and customization of dating websites on users' attitudes towards their online dating partners. By meticulous literature review, this proposal explicates the difference between personalization and customization, and provides sound hypotheses about their influences.

Writing Samples

Arts Review: "The Lights Going On and OFF"

This piece talks about the 2001 Turner Prize winner: The Lights Going On and Off, which has sparked heated discussions on the boundary between life and arts. Delving into the meaning of arts, I try to encourage people to think "out of the box".

Andy Warhol: "Pop Art is for everyone."

This article is an introduction of Andy Warhol as a precursor of Pop Art. By showcasing Andy's most famous works and matching them with his plain but thought-provoking words, the piece touches on the deep implications of Pop Art to consumerism and modern lifestyle.


A Conversation with COM Alumni Ashley Zolenski

This is an informative interview with COM alumni and Boston University Director of Development Ashley Zolenski. She was a COM student almost 10 years ago. Today's media landscape has changed dramatically, and she has some thoughts about it.

A Life Behind the Lens: An Evening with Pete Souza

This is a news report about Pete Souza, the former chief photographer of White House, being awarded the Hugo X. Shong Lifetime Achievement in Communication. He unfolded his stories with Obama and the White House by showcasing photo clippings from his recently published book: Obama: An Intimate Portrait.